As the saying goes “you don’t know what you need, until you need it”. From gravy-infused doughnuts to ultra-cute miniature pet cows, the Trendaholics blog is on hand to quench your thirst for the new, trending, and rather unusual.

Packed with articles on all manner of things that you never knew you wanted (or needed), come with us as we embark on a journey of exploration to the less travelled corners of the internet.

James Smith

James is a seasoned blogger and published writer with over 20 years of writing experience on numerous subjects from fashion, lifestyle, food, drink, and technology. What he enjoys about Trendaholics is the freedom to write about any bonkers topic that takes his fancy; the crazier the better.

He is a proud father of two who loves travel, writing, food, and moderate exercise (although only runs if he is being chased). Terrified of creepy clowns, and dislikes large spiders with unusually hairy legs.

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