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Coffee With Cola, Are You Crazy?

I think we have seen it all now. The coffee universe knows no boundaries as we delve into the darkness of coffee with cola. A bridge too far or unusual delight?

With seemingly every cola manufacturer bringing a coffee-infused cola to market, either as a trial or limited edition, let’s start with the two giants of the cola world; The Coca Cola Company and Pepsi.

The Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola With Coffee
Credit: The Coca Cola Company

When the Coca Cola Company did some research, they discovered that 50% of Coca-Cola drinker are also regular coffee drinkers. Seems that coffee-infused coke was inevitable!

There are currently 3 different flavours to choose from, Dark Blend, Caramel, and Vanilla all of which are available in standard and zero-sugar versions.


Pepsi With Coffee
Credit: PepsiCo

Pepsi has a limited edition Pepsi Cafe versions that you may want to get your hands on. It’s currently available in 2 flavours, original and vanilla. Get it while you can!

Jimmys Coffee Cola

Credit: Jimmy’s

Jimmy’s is also a contender for your coffee & cola infusion cravings. This beauty is made with cold brew coffee and their very own cola recipe; what more could you ask for!

Java Kick

Java Kick cola coffee
Credit:Java Kick

I also managed to track down Java Kick Coffee Cola. Their coffee infusions come in 4 varieties; Original, Sugar-Free, French Vanilla (oh, la, la) and brace yourself… Extra Caffeine.

Make It Yourself: Cola And Coffee Recipe

You may be wondering why you should go to the bother of heading in-store or ordering online when you can make your own blend of coffee with cola (aka coffee soda). Here is a super easy video recipe to check out courtesy of the Cooking With Jack Show

Coffee And Cola Marinade

Coffee And Cola Marinade

Well you don’t always have to drink it. Those lovely cooking maniacs @Allrecipes are using coffee and cola as marinade for skirt steak! Yummy!


If cola or coffee alone is not keeping you alert enough, then the double whammy insane combo of coffee with cola may be the answer to your prayers. The blend tastes far better than I expected and makes a refreshing summertime drink. It pairs really well with chocolate orange.

But this coffee with cola shenanigans is not simply a two-horse race. You can expect to see other cola brands wanting to join in on the action should this cola with coffee trend really take off.

Home Food and Drink Coffee With Cola, Are You Crazy?

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