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Curly Eyelashes Trend For 2021

Curiously, the curly eyelashes trend shows no sign of slowing down. Although we girls love to have our eyes ‘pop’, surely there must be a simpler way than using curly eyelashes, please!

Within the blink-of-an-eye (pun intended!), I decided to investigate this curly eyelashes trend for myself; what’s out there is quite eye-opening (oooh, another pun!).

Who Started The Curly Eyelash Trend?

Danish makeup artist Sofie Peterseen seems to be widely accepted as the instigator of the curly eyelash trend. But she did not stop there and has used all sorts of unusual materials in the name of eyelash art.

Here are some examples of her earlier work; Brace yourself!

Curly eyelashes example 1
Credit: Sofie Peterseen
Curly eyelashes example 2
Credit: Sofie Peterseen
Curly eyelashes example 3 with metal
Credit: Sofie Peterseen
Curly eyelashes example 4 with mirrors
Credit: Sofie Peterseen

Curly Eyelash Photo Gallery

After spending some time researching this phenomenon, here are a few striking examples of less extreme curly eyelashes that I found on social that you may like to try on for size.

lashes on instagram example 1
Credit: @lashextension_factory
lashes on instagram example 2
Credit: @abeautylashes
lashes on instagram example 3
Credit: @lashesbyleannejones

False Eye Lashes Guide

Tart High-Performance Naturals have put together a thoroughly helpful eyelash guide. Which look would you go for?

False Eye Lashes Guide
Credit: Tart High-Performance Naturals

Where To Buy False Curly Eyelashes Online

You can buy false lashes online at Tart High-Performance Naturals have an extensive range of false lashes to suit pretty much every style and look. They also sell quality eyeliner and other makeup essentials.

Credit: Tart High-Performance Naturals
Credit: Tart High-Performance Naturals

Extension Lashes Are Popular Too!

Some lash lovers even go as far as to have extension lashes professionally fitted. There is quite a bit of maintenance and care needed, but they do look rather fabulous.


Rather than going to the extreme, there are plenty of slightly more functional curly eyelashes you can wear in broad daylight without looking like you recently electrocuted yourself, or you are out for halloween.

If you would like to see your images here that you have posted on social, just pop us a link and if you look curly eyelash enough we will add you to this article!

Home Beauty Curly Eyelashes Trend For 2021

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