Editorial Policy

Trendoholics follows the policy defined below when publishing content:

Fact Checking

We are committed to due accuracy. Every care should be taken by contributors to ensure the factual accuracy of their submission, and that it contains no misleading or distorted information. We ask that anything presented as fact is checked and cross-checked. All content will be also fact-checked by the editorial team prior to publication.

Politically Neutral

We aim to be politically neutral. This doesn’t mean we don’t host political opinion, it means we ourselves don’t advocate one political position over another. Submissions should take care not to suggest that Economy prefers one perspective. They should also consider alternate political opinion where relevant. We will aim for a balance in our commissioning policy to ensure a range of political views are presented.

Diversity Sensitive

We are actively committed to publishing a plurality of voices and ensuring diversity of representation in both the content we feature and those we commission to produce it. We will actively seek to commission contributors from countries around the world. We will not publish any material that could be seen to discriminate against anyone on the basis of their gender, race & ethnicity, nationality, age, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, religion or belief, education level, learning ability, physical or mental ability, physical health, HIV positivity, mental health, marital or civil partnership status, motherhood and caring responsibility.

Law Abiding

We will not publish anything that we judge might put us at risk of libel or defamation claims, contempt of court, breaches of privacy, data protection claims, copyright claims, child protection issues, or cause undue harm or offence to our audience. All content must be the contributor’s own work, and/or should clearly reference any material that is the work others, including relevant citations. Direct quotations should never be amended to change their meaning. Acknowledgements for statistics, figures, charts etc should be provided along with links to original sources. All of the content we publish on our website will be subject to a Creative Commons Non Commercial Share Alike License. By contributing to the website, you agree for your work to be used under this license unless explicitly indicated and discussed otherwise prior to submission with the editorial team.

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