Home Food and Drink The Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar Is Here!

The Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar Is Here!

Not too sure if this counts as one of your 5-a-day, but Nestlé has now released the Yorkie orange chocolate bar. This is a limited edition version of the classic Yorkie bar that was originally launched way back in 1976.

The Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar

I first noticed this beauty in my local Budgens on display at the ‘impulse purchase’ area of the checkout counter. It was calling to me, and like a moth to the flame, resistance was futile.

There seems to be an orange Yorkie feeding frenzy in full swing. Will this limited edition become permanent? If we all eat enough of them then I imagine so!

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The Yorkie orange is all over social media

Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar on Instagram

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Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar on Twitter

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Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar On Youtube

What The Brand Says

Yorkie has been a consumer favourite for 45 years, and we’re very excited to introduce a brand new twist on this chocolate classic. Delicious chunks of our signature Yorkie creamy milk chocolate are enlivened with irresistible orange to create a moreish taste sensation that we hope will become a firm favourite.


Is The New Orange Yorkie Any Good?

The Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar

Oh yes, the Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar has the same thick delicious Yorkie chocolate as the original bar with a fantastic hit of orange. If you are a lover of other orange chocolate classics such as Terry’s Chocolate Orange then you are in for a treat. Well done Nestlé.

Both the 46g Limited Edition Yorkie Orange bar and the 72g Yorkie Orange DUO bar (I never share them!) are now available in supermarkets and convenience stores near you from May 2021.

I recently paired the Orange Yorkie with coffee-infused cola and they go together brilliantly!

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Home Food and Drink The Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar Is Here!

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